We Strongly Believe That Blockchain Technology Will Change The Future


About Nova Global


Nova Global is a leading crypto investment firm. With an exceptional team of seasoned entrepreneurs, we operate our business in multiple countries and areas, such as China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the USA, and Russia. We invest and incubate multiple emerging blockchain technology companies, such as Amino, Blucon, Everitoken, and vodix, etc. We always have a strong belief that blockchain technology will change the world.


About Nova Club

Nova Club,an investment ecosystem alliance consists of a group of outstanding blockchain organizations, aiming at combining the resource of memberships to find, invest and incubate more potential projects. The members of Nova Club will construct an investment ecosystem together and grow up with projects to promote the development of the industry.

 The existing members of Nova Club includes Bitrise Capital, Consensus Lab, Chain Capital, QRC Group, 8 Decimal Capital, CBE, Chain Renaissance Capital ,Quest Capital, BN Capital, Waterdrip Capital, BitAsset Ecofund, Spark Capital, Yizhi Capital and Collinstar Capital.

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About Nova Korea

Nova Korea is an affiliate of Nova Global, based in Korea, deeply focusing on the Korean Market. With extensive experience and comprehensive ecological resources of Nova Global, Nova Korea incubates and invests the emerging blockchain companies with development potential, and accelerate their continuous development. Dedicated to acting as the bridge between Korea and the Global market, uniting with the pioneers of the Korean market to integrate global resources, Nova Korea promotes the steady and forward development for the blockchain industry.



With Payer Mechanism, everiToken allows users to enjoy blockchain game without knowing the crypto currency. They just need to get the token when needed, and the user only needs to use the game token without need to purchase gas fee EVT.
— Kevin Ren
Vodi X seeks to use a simple working model that makes money by completing small tasks and transforms it into a blockchain; therefore, Vodi X creates a powerful and decentralized ability to make money .
— Vadim
Explore your interests, tell your story and find your
people on Amino.
— Simon Li
BLUCON will link the blockchain to the real economy in the simplest and most versatile way.
— Kevin Shao